Wednesday, December 25, 2013


How To Indexed Faster?

How To Be Indexed By Google Faster?

1. Use Google Webmaster Tool To Submit Sitemap

Register your blog on Google Webmaster Tool. Submit your blog sitemap to Google Webmaster Tool. This can speed up your blog get indexed.

2. Register Your RSS Blog To Feedburner

This can help new article indexed, because Feedburner also helps to ping new article that you create. Learn more How To Register Feedburner.

3. Register Your Feed URL to RSS Directory

RSS Directory will give backlink to your article. This backlink can make your new article indexed faster.

4. Register Your Blog To Social Bookmarking

Social Bookmarking is website to bookmark web / blog. You must know that social bookmarking is website with high frequency of Google visits.

5. Flood Your Blog With Backlink

Blog with many backlink has a large possibility to be updated by Google. If you confuse how to find backlink, read article How To Get Backlink

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