Tuesday, December 17, 2013


How To Promote Blog

How To Promote Blog?

1. Promote Your Blog On Facebook

1. Find friends as many as possible. Join facebook groups that have the same theme as your blog.
2. Make post with provocating title so the reader interested to click. This is important because facebook have edge rank. Something that you share not always appear on your friends home. The more interaction happened (fb like, comment), the more frequent it will appear.
3. Don't spam. Spam is annoying and you will be hated.

2. Promote Your Blog On Twitter

1. Find many followers. This is harder than facebook.
2. Sometimes you need to "follow me and I follow back"

3.  Promote Your Blog On Forum

Find forum with the same topic with your blog. You need to be active in that forum before you make post that have backlink to your blog.

4. Promote Your Blog With Blogwalking

Blogwalking is visiting blogs that have chatbox. If that blog have many comment in 1 day, don't forget to save blog URL in notepad.

5. Promote Your Blog On Social Bookmark

Just search dofollow social bookmarking list. Register and post article with backlink.

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