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How To Write Article With SEO Standard Quality

How To Write Article With SEO Standard Quality

#1 Choose Article Title

The first step is determine article title. Make sure this title contain the most important keyword in article. The article title should be only 5-7 words.

#2 Choose Article URL

If the article title chosen is quite long, then some will not included in article URL. If you use blogger, you can change URL with the following way.
Change URL SEO Friendly
Change URL SEO Friendly
Click Permalink. Click Custom Permalink, fill it with URL that you want. With this URL will become more SEO friendly.

#3 Use Label On Every Article

Select the most appropriate label to describe the article that made.

#4 Fill In Meta Description (Search Description)

Meta description will be displayed in snippet at Google search, so make sure this meta description also use keyword contained within your article. The length of the meta description should not be too long, maximum 150 characters.

#5 Make Optimized Article

1. The length of the article at least 300 words.
2. Keywords repeated 3 times in article.
3. Keyword that appears first must be bold or italic.
4. Use standard language.

#6 Place Image In Article

Make sure image that you placed use alt tag. Alt tag is in charge to tell Google about the image content, because Googlebot can not recognize the picture. Image file size should not be too big, because it may affect the page loading time.

#7 Place Link In Article

1. Make sure all link open in new tab.
2. For external link (link to other website / blog) use rel="nofollow".

#8 Make Sure Your Article Is Able To Solve Problems Or Serving Information Sought By Readers

The purpose is simple, so that readers interested to read more articles, or even come many times to your blog. It will be very good for your blog reputation.

8 point above can help you to increase quality of blog article. Hopefully this can make your blog posts indexed better...

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