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Why Blog Traffic Decrease Or Unstable?

Why Blog Traffic Decrease Or Unstable?

Why Blog Traffic Decrease Or Unstable?
Why Blog Traffic Decrease Or Unstable?
If you wanna know internal factor that can make traffic decrease read this article: 6 Mistakes Causing Blog Traffic Drop.

About external factor there are 5 factors that can make blog visitor decrease or unstable traffic:

1. Keywords ranking fluctuation
2. Blog hit by Google penalty
3. Change of keyword trend
4. Search engine algorithm change
5. X Factor (only God knows why = nobody knows; there's nobody can prove God exist so only nobody knows why)

Let's discuss one by one:

Cause #1 Blog Traffic Decrease Or Unstable: Keywords ranking fluctuation

It's not a secret, that Google ranking position affect amount of visitors to our blog. According to statistic, click percentage for every keyword position is as follows:
Position 1 = 56%
Position 2 = 13%
Position 3 = 10%
Position 4 = 4%
Position 5 = 4,7%
Position 6 = 3,2%
Position 7 = 0,4%
Position 8 = 3%
Position 9 = 1,5%
Position 10 =  2,5%
So your link position in search result will determine amount of  visitors to your blog. For example in 1 day there are 1000 people search keyword X, then rank 1 will get 560 visitor from X keyword, rank 4 will get only 40 visitors. This is just estimation.

As you can see that rank 7 have the lowest percentage. So if your ranking fluctuate from 5 to 7, it will decrease visitor on that keyword. Following above example, then traffic that initially 47 people will become 4 people.

The problem is "What causes the ranking drop?" There are 3 things that can cause your blog ranking drop for a keyword:
1. Backlink decrease
2. Many competitor doing optimization to defeat you.
3. Internal factor like too much comment.

Cause #2 Blog Traffic Decrease Or Unstable: Hit by Google penalty

This doesn't need to be explained. If blog hit by Google penalty, no doubt it will drop traffic from search engine.

Cause #3 Blog Traffic Decrease Or Unstable: Change of keyword trend

For example you write gossip article that booming, and it was successful seize 1st rank...Of course this will increase amount of visitors significantly. Then suddenly the gossip issues is over, or people are not interested anymore because bored. Blog traffic is starting to drop.

Cause #4 Blog Traffic Decrease Or Unstable: Search engine algorithm change

Especially when google image search change. This can drop 50-70% traffic.

Cause #5 Blog Traffic Decrease Or Unstable: X Factor

X Factor can be anything, like natural disaster, holiday, etc. If there are problems in the areas that became the main source of traffic, it could decrease traffic.

So these are 5 external factor that can affect visitor traffic on your blog.

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