Sunday, December 22, 2013


Best Traffic Exchange

The best traffic exchange is manual traffic exchange. Why? Because if you use automatic traffic exchange, the bounce rate is almost 100%, and no conversion.

Here are top 5 best traffic exchange:

1. Easy Hit 4 You. Alexa Rank 1270

2. Traffic G. Alexa Rank 6932

3. Traffic Swarm. Alexa Rank 8308

4. Traff Up. Alexa Rank 9407

5. Start Xchange. Alexa Rank 12098

In some website when you surf, there's 2 pictures that identical (sometimes rotated). Click 1 of that pictures.

Join all these 5 traffic exchanges, then surf all 5 simultaneously to be effective.

If you use google adsense, don't use traffic exchange. You will be banned by google. But if you use adsense alternatives, it's OK. Just read the rules from each ads network. Usually pay to click (PTC) that prohibited.

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