Saturday, December 21, 2013


How To Make Dofollow Blog

How To Make Dofollow Blog

What's the purpose of changing nofollow blog to dofollow blog? To invite visitors who search dofollow backlink.
Follow this step by step method to make dofollow blog:
1.Click Template. Backup your template.
2. Click Edit HTML.
3. Click Ctrl+A to highlight all.
4. Click Ctrl+C to copy all code.
5. Open notepad and click Ctrl+V to paste all code to notepad.
6. Click Ctrl+H to activate Replace.
change nofollow to dofollow
change nofollow to dofollow
7. Fill Find what with rel='nofollow'
8. Click Replace All.
9. After all rel='nofollow' removed, copy all code in notepad (Ctrl+A, Ctrl+C)
10. Delete all code in Edit HTML. Paste code from notepad.
11. Click Save template.

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