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How To Increase Alexa Rank Faster

How To Increase Alexa Rank Faster?

What is alexa rank? Alexa is website that ranking traffic from 30 million website. The lower the number, the rank is higher. So web / blog that have alexa rank 10000 have more traffic than alexa rank 123456 (usually).

To increase alexa rank faster, first you must install alexa toolbar. Why? Because alexa use this toolbar to count visitors and pageviews. So when you visit your own web / blog, that visit will be count by alexa.

Because alexa only count someone that use alexa toolbar, alexa not accurately count visitor. That's why alexa only have traffic rank but can't show the real visitor traffic. Someone that don't have alexa toolbar is not count. So sometimes web / blog that have alexa rank higher (for example 80000) actually have less real traffic visitor than web / blog that have alexa rank lower (for example 125000). Usually SEO web / blog have higher alexa rank than another web / blog, because the visitor also usually have alexa rank toolbar installed.

If alexa not accurately count visitor why you must increase alexa rank? The answer is some ads network use alexa rank to value your web / blog.

Install Alexa Toolbar to Firefox

1. Open Alexa toolbar page and click Install Alexa Toolbar.
2. User Licence Agreement. Click accept and install.
3. Firefox will confirm. Click Allow.
4. Download and click install.
5. Alexa toolbar will be installed after you restart firefox.

Install Alexa Toolbar to Google Chrome

1. Visit Alexa toolbar
2. Click "Install Alexa Extension"
3. Click "+ Add to Chrome" and then click Add.
4. Download finished. Click "Accept and Enable"

You can also boost alexa rank with these 2 websites:

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