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SEO Blogger Tricks for Posting

OK. Next trick is

SEO Blogger Tricks for Posting

SEO Blogger Tricks for Posting


Choose your title best for reader and search engine. Don't give title that too long so reader and search engine not interested. Because long title equal to long URL. And in blogger that is cutted.
Just use KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid). If you're still confused just think what phrase that you type at google to find something.

h2, h3 Tag

The most important thing when posting is give tag h2, h3.
The HTML code are:
<h2>.......</h2>, <h3>.......</h3>
If you wanna give h2 tag, just highlight your phrase and click normal beside bold (B) icon, and choose heading. And h3 is subheading. Don't give multiple h1 to your post. It's OK for google but not OK for yahoo & bing (microsoft) search.


The second thing is keywords. Just use your keywords at every posting as best as you can.
Don't use too much or excessive or spammy keywords.
Just use it as natural as you can.
If you can't use it, don't use it. Use at another posting.
Don't forget to bold that keywords.
Bold is same as strong tag: <strong>....</strong>


Image is important for some blog. Just don't forget to fill image properties (title text & alt text), and also give caption. Without these properties, image is nothing.

Words Count

Some people say that use minimum 300 words at every posting. Actually I don't know about this. I know  blog that have about 100 words every post but the traffic is crazy. So I Don't Care about words count.

OK some people say originality is important. If you have trouble writing / composing, just read other website, and write it again without looking at that website. So you choose your own words. And don't forget to give your own unique style.

Happy posting!

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