Thursday, July 12, 2012


Starting SEO Blogger Tricks

Welcome to my SEO Blogger Tricks blog.

SEO Blogger Tricks

This blog will share some beginner & advanced SEO blogger tricks, and maybe some secret SEO blogger tricks.

I am gonna start it with some beginner SEO blogger tricks.

Choose Your Title

First choose your title or name of your blog.
Choose two or three words / keywords that describes your blog.
This will become:

Setting Your Blog

Go to your blog dashboard.
For new blogger in left side there are overview, posts, pages, etc.
In most bottom is Settings (with wrench icon)


Just fill in Title & Description of your blog.
If you don't have meta tag, this description that will appear in search engine.

Language & Formatting: 

Just set your timezone

Search preferences: 

If you don't have meta tag in HTML, click
Meta tags -> enable search description -> fill in your meta tag desription. 
This will appear in search engine as description.
If you have meta tags in HTML just disable it. If not this will become duplicate meta tags.

Error and redirections -> Custom page not found:
Fill it with:
Whoops! The page you were looking for in this blog does not exist. <a href="">Click here</a> to redirect to homepage. thank you
Don't forget to change yourblogname.
This will appear in error page not found or 404. So people can click it to go to your homepage.

Crawlers and indexing -> custom robots.txt -> enable custom robots.txt content:
Fill it with:
User-agent: *
Disallow: /search
Allow: /


Don't forget to change yourblogname.
This will become sitemap for your blog to index until 500 posts. If you have more than 500, just add:


and so on. Just add 500.
Update: this is not work anymore. Read this post.

Custom robots header tags: Enable custom robots header tags
Home page: all, noodp
Archive and Search pages: noindex, noodp
Default for Posts and Pages: all, noodp

OK. These are important settings to change or fill.
You can change another settings yourself.

Best regards.

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