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How To Become Passive Income

How To Become Full Passive Income

How To Become Passive Income
How To Become Passive Income
Time is money. But actually you can't buy time with money.
What is passive income?
According to wikipedia: Passive income is an income received on a regular basis, with little effort required to maintain it.
That is I called semi passive income.
It's hard to become full passive income.
Even the most richest people in the world is still semi passive income (he / she still works).
As the owner of giant company, he / she have responsibility for the company to keep forward.

Internet is also destination place that people search to become passive income.

There are many ways to make money from internet:

1. Selling product online / e-commerce. This is not passive income.
The more customer you have, more busy you are.

2. Selling e-book. This can automated so it is semi passive income.
You can't make 1 e-book that works forever.
You must make more and more e-book that up to date.

3. Make website / blog and place ads. This is also semi passive income, but you're almost there.
You must update your website / blog.

4. Ads network referral. This is full passive income.
Even your website / blog is not updated, your web / blog traffic / visitor decrease, your income not affected.
You must have many referrals for this to work.
How To Become Passive Income

So here is the method to become full passive income:

1. Make website / blog that have minimum 50000 pageviews / month.
How? Just make 10 articles per day everday. In 6 months to 1 year you can reach it.

2. Register to all these ads network:

Revenue Hits

Ad Media King.

Paid to promote.


3. Get referral as much as you can. You need luck.
How to increase luck? Just do some charity every week / month.

OK. I hope you all that read this article can become full passive income.

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