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How To Make More Money From PTC

How To Make More Money From Paid To Click (PTC)

What is Paid To Click (PTC)? PTC is website that give you money for watching ads. But you're not getting anywhere if you just watching ads everyday. The earning is too low.

You can make more money if you use rented referrals (RR). Rented referrals is referral that you rent for 30 days.

Let me give you example with ojooo.
Review: Ojooo is a company based out of Germany which offers several different online services. Such as email, search, online tv, advertising, and PTC. They are a real and established company. Per click you can get up to $0.035 for your own click and up to $0.017 for referral click.
How To Make More Money From PTC
How To Make More Money From PTC
There are 3 guides that you can follow, it will all boils down on either you are willing to pull out your wallet or just wanted a free ticket and spend time achieving your goal.

First Guide : Zero Investment Strategy - for those who are skeptical on shelving out some cash to invest for the program.
Second Guide : A shortcut to the concept but will require an investment totalling to $ 160 USD
Third Guide: VIP strategy

Register at:

First Guide : Zero Investment Strategy

*1st Goal : Make your first $2*

1. Start clicking ads from your panel (Earn Watchin Ads > Paid To Click Ads)
  • You may also want to try completing task from the offerwall to earn more and meet your goal faster
  • By Clicking all the ads every day, you’ll be earning around $0.03 per day. That is crap I know, but remember that you are trying to build an income stream here from zero investment and so you need to put in the time as there are really no free lunch in the world. Patience is a virtue!
2. Now after getting your first $ 2, Transfer your Current Balance to Upgrade and Rental Balance.
  • Now you are ready to rent your first 10 Rented Referrals (RR)
  • Now you are approximately earning around $0.20 per day (Your Click $0.03 + RR Clicks $0.17)
*2nd Goal : Expanding your RR*

3. After 10 days, you’ll have enough to buy your next 10 RRs ($ 0.20 x 10 = $ 2)
  • Now you are earning around $0.37 per day (20RRs)
4. After a week, you’re Current Balance will be at around $2.59 ($ 0.37 x 7 = $ 2.59) and you’ll be able to buy your 3rd set of 10 RRs.
  • Now you are earning around $0.54 per day (30RRs)
5. Rinse and Repeat til you have 50 RRs.
  • Now you are earning around $0.88 per day (50RRs)
*3rd Goal : Upgrading to Premium+*

6. After Over a month ($0.88 x 45 = $39.60) you’ll have enough to buy an Upgrade package. Your daily earnings will be doubled upon doing this.
  • Now your RR limit is upgraded to 3000 RRs. Use the same step above to continue expanding your RR til you reached the max limit (or til you reach your desired daily earnings)
  • Premium+ package allows you to rent referrals every 3 days. This will make it easier for you to reach your RR limit.
  • It should now take a little more than a month to maxed out the RR limit
7. Now with your 3000RRs on Premium+, your daily earnings should be about $30 USD. Your profit is $10 per day. You can start reaping the fruits of your hard labor. Well not actually that hard since it is just around 10-15 minutes a day. $300 profit per month is not bad at all. Be sure to leave $39 USD for the next month Premium+ upgrade.

Second Guide : Easy $ 30 Daily Strategy

Register at:

1. Prepare a total of $160 USD to invest.

2. Click Fund Rental Balance from your account panel and put it $ 99 USD
  • $ 39 for Premium+ package and $ 60 for your first 300 RR
  • This is important, Pay for Premium+ and not for Premium Only.
3. Upgrade your account to Premium+ and buy your first 300RR

4. Premium+ lets you rent referrals every 3 days. so after 3 days, use your remaining $ 60 from the investment fund to buy another 300RRs.

5. Rinse and repeat til you hit the max 3000RR limit.

Third Guide : VIP Strategy

Register at:
1. Upgrade VIP for 1 year = $999. I know this is crazy, but you can rent 10000 RR with this way.
2. Rent 1000 RR = $200 every 3 days.
3. Rinse and repeat til you hit the max 10000RR limit.
4. Your income will be $100 per day. Your profit is about $30 per day.

Ojooo Payment Proof

ojooo payment proof
ojooo payment proof

Below are 3 other PTC that i am running on now and applying the same strategy as above... only a little different on the rent referral lead timings and limits..

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