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SEO Tools For Browser

Best SEO Tools For Browser

If you really wanna doing SEO optimization for your blog, it's best if you install your browser with SEO tools plugin that can help you doing your SEO activity.

Why we need SEO Tools installed on Browser?

We need SEO tools, because when doing SEO there's so many parameter that we need to observed. SEO tools installed will make everything practically easy for you. You don't need to open special website to get information that you need...

What information that we need from SEO tools?

Page Rank Value

Why we must know pagerank value from a page? We need to know pagerank value from a page to know something:
1. Whether our competitor doing offpage optimization SEO by getting backlink for his / her website.
2. Whether backlink that he / she get nofollow / dofollow
3. Whether his / her backlink have quality or not.
4. Whether link structure of competitor website distribute PR point to all article
5. Whether our rival know SEO or not...

With SEO tools and observing pagerank from your rival website page, you can answer above question. High PR does't always mean high traffic or good ranking. It's all depend on balance of SEO optimization that it's owner did.

Alexa Rank Value

Alexa Rank is not related directly with SEO. Why you need alexa rank? If you wanna run online business, then reputation from alexa rank is something that really needed. Alexa rank will inform your blog visitor that your website that you own is not website that newly made. You need minimum 3-6 months to get slim alexa rank. This will help convince customer that the site is active and not newly made...But you must know that alexa rank is counted from traffic accumulation of 3 months from people that install alexa toolbar. So alexa rank that slim not guarantee visitor traffic at that time. But enough to guarantee that blog have good reputation.

So the purpose of installing SEO tools alexa rank on browser is to help you identify website that have reputation...and beside that it will slimming alexa rank from your website.

What SEO tools that must be installed on browser?

1. Pagerank Checker for Firefox and Chrome
2. Alexa Toolbar for Firefox and Chrome

You don't need SEOquake. If your SEOquake is always on, Google system will think of it as a robot with suspicious activity.

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