Wednesday, December 18, 2013


Download Youtube Videos Without Software

How To Download Youtube Videos Without Software

1. Install Video Download Helper
2. Click add to firefox
3. Click allow and then click install now
4. Restart your browser.

Download Youtube Videos With Video Download Helper

Download Youtube Videos
Download Youtube Videos
1. Now try open video page from youtube...You will see icon of 3 balls beside address bar. There's small arrow...Click that small will appear some choices. For youtube video size choices from 240 pixels, 360 pixels, 480 pixels, medium, etc...
2. The bigger pixels size that you choose, the file size is also bigger that you download from youtube.
3. To start downloading video just click video link with pixel size that you choose.

So you can repeat download video from youtube for every video that you want. Video file sizes is depend on pixels resolution and video duration that you download. If the video is encrypted you can use this method: Download Encrypted Youtube Videos

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