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Template Blog SEO Friendly Blogspot

Template Blog SEO Friendly for Blogger / Blogspot Black Line Editable

template blog SEO friendly
template blog SEO friendly

Template SEO Friendly Criteria:
1. Title tag SEO friendly. But you still need to add meta description.
2. Post title with H1 tag.
3. Including breadcrumbs
4. Including rich snippet review 5 star with microdata format.
5. Nofollow comment.
6. Minimum script so more SEO friendly
7. No iframe.

What Can Be Edit From Template Blog SEO Friendly for Blogger / Blogspot

1. Blog background
2. Blog width and sidebar
3. Article position, sidebar, and footer can also editable in this template SEO friendly
4. Body font, color, size
5. Body background, header/footer, main/sidebar
6. Link color
7. Color, font, size for blog title, post title, widget title also editable

How To Install Template Blog SEO Friendly for Blogger / Blogspot

1. Login to blogger
2. Click template. Backup before proceed.
3. Click Edit HTML. Click expand widget templates. Open black_linedit.xml with notepad. Copy and replace.

Install Template Menu

1. Open file MenuHTMLcodedit.txt
2. Edit HTML code as you like
3. Go to LAYOUT menu and you will see HTML/JAVASCRIPT in black box. Click edit
4. Change the code inside with MenuHTMLcodedit.txt then click save.

Download Template Blog SEO Friendly Black Line :

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