Friday, September 26, 2014


How I Make $1727 From Blogspot

How I Make $1727 From Blogger / Blogspot

At first I'm making blog in blogger / blogspot just for fun. My income was from another work. Then suddenly I'm cut / deleted from that work. I don't have income at all.

So I start focus developing my lyrics blog. I post everyday like crazy for that lyrics blog. Sometimes I post in my SEO blog 3 times in 1 month, but not every month. Because I thought the competition in SEO is harder. Blogspot can't beat website. So I focus in lyrics blog. Then the traffic to lyrics blog increase. I start using ads network to monetize my blog. Not many ads network accept blogspot. My traffic peak at January 2013 when Girls Generation released I Got A Boy album. But at the end of January, Google image change layout, so my traffic for February 2013 was drop. It takes many months to make traffic from Google search the same as Google image. Then at 3rd quarter 2013 the traffic start to hit the wall.

So actually it's impossible to get $1727 in 1 month from my lyrics blog. But it comes from my SEO blog that I don't care about (12 posts in 8 months). In fact I don't place ads at all in that blog. So where it come from? In May 2013 I made post about adsense alternatives. I put referral link in that post, and many people join. And then in December 2013 I got this:
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