Monday, September 1, 2014


Grandclick Review & Strategy

Grandclick Review & Strategy

Grandclick has been online since January 2014.
The earning is low but the admin is trusted.
The admin is Mihkel Einaste (teiejumal) of Spain;u=360743

Upgrade to Grand or Grand Ultimate before you rent referrals to profit.

Grand Ultimate
Membership Cost $149.99 (90 days)
Max DR: no limit.
Max RR: 6000
Daily earning per 100 RR: $1
Example if you have 1000 RR your daily earning is $10
Monthly earning is $300
If you have 6000 RR your daily earning is $60
Monthly earning is $1800


Grandclick Payment Proof

grandclick payment proof
grandclick payment proof

Here are 2 other PTC that also have trusted admin:

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