Wednesday, December 18, 2013


Offpage Optimization SEO

What Is Offpage Optimization SEO?

Offpage Optimization SEO is SEO optimization outside of your website / blog. The purpose of Offpage Optimization SEO is to make search engine robot feel that your blog have authority, and
make many people find your blog. How people find your blog? Source of traffic is not only from search engine. But also social network wesbsite, web directory, etc. There's 2 kind of Offpage Optimization SEO: promoting blog and getting backlink.

1.  Make your own backlink website database because other people not going to share it with you.
2. Add backlink with increasing trend. 1000 backlink in 1 month is better than 1000 in 1 day but after that 0.
3. You can get backlink from web directory, dofollow blog, shoutbox, etc.
4. Don't forget about forums. But you must have knowledge about topic in that forum, and you can share it with backlink.

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