Monday, December 16, 2013


How To Make Meta Description, Title Tag, And Heading Tag Different Every Post

Title Tag, Heading Tag and Meta Description must be different for every post.

Title Tag

1. Click template. Backup your template.
2. Click edit HTML.
3. Use ctrl+f to find code <title>
4. Change with
<b:if cond='data:blog.homepageUrl == data:blog.url'>
5. Click save template.
If you don't have title tag, copy above code and place it below <head>

Meta Description

Meta Description setting
Meta Description setting
1. Click Settings.
2. Click Search preferences.
3. Enable search description? Click yes.
4. Fill in your blog meta description.
5. Click save changes.

If you want to change meta description for post, click edit. In right sidebar, click search description. Fill in your post meta description. Click publish / update.

Heading Tag

Heading Tag
Heading Tag
Highlight sentence that you want to add heading. Choose Heading for h2, sub heading for h3, or minor heading for h4.

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