Friday, December 20, 2013


5 Reasons Facebook Promotion Failure

5 Reasons Promotion Failure On Facebook

Mistake 1: Only Using Personal Facebook Account For Promotion

Of course this can bring in visitor, but if you want more, try make a fan page.
Facebook fanpage has proven by many people more effective than post on personal facebook wall.
How to promote fan page that you make? You can get like by various ways. For example by install facebook fanpage like box on your blog. Or from groups that maybe interested with content that you offered.

Mistake 2: Posting Only Link

Posting only link not too effective to arouse curiosity.

Mistake 3: Not Consistent

You must be consistent posting on facebook. But don't too often also, because people will think you as spam.

Mistake 4: Article Quality Not Good Enough

If the article is good, people will share it. Make article that useful so that people can be encouraged to share with others.

Mistake 5: Not Encourage Reader To Share Article

Many people is too lazy to share information. Sometimes never even thought to share what he / she read. There's no harm if at the end of your article, you encourage to share the article on facebook. Of course you must makes it easy for reader by providing share or like button.

These are 5 factors that make facebook promotion failure. Hopefully this article can help improve effectivity level of promotion in facebook

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