Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Download Encrypted Youtube Videos

How To Download Encrypted Youtube Videos

Wonder how sometimes you can't download some youtube videos? It means that video is encrypted

Download software from
Install it.
Copy youtube video link. Click paste URL.

Adversal Review And How To Get $40-80 Daily

Adversal Review And How To Get More Revenue

This ads network count all impression / 100% fill rate.
You must have website with minimum of 50,000 page views per month.
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You can place maximum 4 banner ads in 1 page.
Adversal also have ministitial ads = ads that load when your website load. It's less intrusive than pop-up ads.

To get more revenue you can use its referral system. With this method, besides you get money from your own website / blog, you also get money from your referral:
1. Login to your account. Click get code. Click referral link.
2. Promote that link everywhere you like.
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4. Here's proof 
adversal referral
adversal referral

Adversal payment proof
Adversal Payment Proof
Adversal Payment Proof
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