Sunday, December 6, 2015

Blogger Sitemap More Than 3000 Posts

In my previous post, there's some problem if you have more than 3000 posts. Because sitemap.xml only contain 150x20 = 3000 posts. So if you have more than 3000 posts, how to submit it?
You must add ?page=21 after sitemap.xml.
So URL become like this:
So if you have 10000 posts you must add these until
Yes this is tedious work but this is result from change from 500 to 150. I don't know why google doing it.

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Blogger Sitemap Changes From 500 To 150 And How To Fix It

If you see on google / bing webmaster, there's change on sitemap from 500 to 150. This means trick on my old post is not work anymore. So how to fix it?
First you must delete your sitemap on google / bing webmaster.
Then submit this
Change yourblogname to your blog name.
If you have more than 3000 posts read this